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Friday, October 13, 2006

Contact one local business owner (can be a part-owner) and answer the following questions in a new blog entry. DEADLINE: Tuesday (10/17/06) 2pm. 1. Why did you decide to go into business?2. How long has your business existed?3. What is your average customer profile?4. One anectdote/story about your business (i.e. a memorable day, an order mix-up, a memorable customer, etc.).

Who is Albert? This question alone provoked me to walk into Albert’s Florist on Morro Street where the smell of fresh flowers showered my senses. Immediately the owner invited me behind the scenes to witness the building of their beautiful bouquets and centerpieces.
The name Albert is the last name of past owners, prior to Barkev and Tzolig Abadjian purchasing the flower shop in 1980. Barkev achieved a master’s degree from Cal Poly in botany and jumped on the opportunity to purchase the space when it became available during the couple’s first year of marriage. With six part time employees, Albert’s flower shop has been a great success and caters to all demographics of the San Luis Obispo community.
A memorable story was related to me by employee Barbara Clark. She recalled last year a man buying a flowers and balloons for his wife’s anniversary. At the shop the man took an hour designing a beautiful card complete with “love doodles” to accompany the gift. When the delivery man arrived at the customer’s home the balloon and card accidentally slipped into the air. Barbara received the bad news and dreaded telling her customer of his misfortune. Before she even had time to pick up the phone, a women came into the shop crying. Apparently the balloon and card had landed on the wife’s car while she was shopping in the grocery store. She discovered her husband’s surprise with tears of joy.
“Honestly everyday is a new story,” said Barbara Clark. “Working here you are part of people’s holidays and funerals. You share in their lives.”


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