Jour 203-BDP

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Label the components of the above news story based on what you learned in today's lecture (click on image to view a larger version). Write your responses (1-8) as a new blog entry (titled: Assignment #2). DEADLINE: Tuesday (10/3/06) 5pm.

Blank 1: Lead b/c 1st sentence/attention getting/creative/satisfies the "who", "what", and "why"
Blank 2: Background b/c the "where", "how" are answered
Blank 3: Elaboration b/c it describes the activists words and actions
Blank 4:Impact b/c it answers the "why/so what"
Blank 5:Lead quote b/c it is an articulate quote stating the mission of the march
Blank 6: Elaboration b/c the participants are described further
Blank 7: Elaboration b/c a differing opinion is presented
Blank 8: Ending b/c the future action that is planned is outlined


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