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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Go to a busy public place with a notebook in hand. Develop your ear for dialogue by writing down snatches of overheard conversations; imagine how they could be used in a story. Post at least five overheard quotes along with accompanying story ideas in a new blog entry. DEADLINE: Thursday (11/2/06) before class.

“My other friends are dressed up as an Indian, a construction worker, and a biker.” (overheard from a girl in a police costume talking on her cell phone on Grand Avenue)
Story headline: College Students go Retro for Halloween

“Fatty’s pizza is way better.”
(boy in the Fremont dorm)
Story headline: Local Pizza Faces Fierce Competition

“There’s nothing in SLO, we’re going to Santa Barbara to shop.”
(girl on cell phone in UU)
Story Headline: San Luis Shopping Targets Adult Demographic

“I’ve already been sick three times this year.”
(girl in bathroom by Julian’s)
Story Headline: College Students have the Sniffles

“I beat Han’s ass today.”
(boy in Fremont study lounge)
Story Headline: Violence Spikes Amongst College Freshmen


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